Rihanna's 'Cheers (Drink To That)' songwriter LP would jump at the chance to work with the R&B superstar again.

The 36-year-old singer/songwriter - whose full name is Laura Pergolizzi - has penned hits for the likes Cher, Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera over the years, but a career highlight was when the 'Wild Thoughts' hitmaker made barely any changes to the track she co-wrote for the 29-year-old beauty's 2010 album, 'Loud'.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, LP said: ''It was really cool. I was like, wow. I thought she was going to change every single thing, but not one thing was changed.

''She just added one of her amazing Rihanna-isms at the end of a note.''

When suggested that the pair must have an organic connection considering the minimal editing to the lyrics and that they should probably head into the studio again, LP said: ''You never now. I would in a heartbeat. I think she is one of the coolest artists.

''She has been cool her whole career.

''She's curated this really amazing body of work that she has put forth as her image.

''She has a nobility to her that I like.''

LP - who can class 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star Kendall Jenner as a fan - recently performed sold-out shows in the UK in support of her brand new record 'Lost On You', and as far as songwriting, she plans on focusing on her own music for the time being.

She said: ''My songwriting job right now is for me. I have my own castle of songs right now, so we'll see.''

LP's album 'Lost On You'' is out now.