Rihanna has blasted rumours she sparked the fight that led to her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown beating her up, insisting she did nothing to provoke his attack on her.
The Umbrella beauty was left black and blue after the February (09) assault in Brown's rented car, which began when Rihanna found a mysterious text message on his phone from an ex-girlfriend.
Fans of Brown have questioned whether Rihanna had hit him first to cause such a violent reaction from the Kiss Kiss singer, but she is adamant she was not the one at fault and blames her critics' ignorance for suggesting she taunted him into slamming his fists into her face.
Rihanna says, "It's ignorance, I can say that, because even if I hit him first, that makes it OK for him to do that to me? They kind of give an excuse for what he did.
"No, I did not hit him, it was a verbal argument. We weren't even drunk."
The Bajan star admits Brown had shown her his temper on previous occasions, but she had never drawn blood.
She adds, "No, (he did not hit me before). He shoved me into a wall. When I said it didn't happen, I mean, I've never bled, been swollen up, bruised - it was never a fight."
Rihanna opened up about the violent sequence of events for the first time when she detailed the fight on U.S. TV news show 20/20 on Friday night (07Nov09).