Rihanna pushed in front of the queue for the toilets at the Met Gala last year.

The 'What Now' singer was a guest at the annual ball in New York City along with stars such as 'Downton Abbey' actress Michelle Dockery - who was waiting in line to use the toilet when the pop diva decided to push in front.

Speaking on the 'Chelsea Lately' show on Thursday night (27.02.14), Michelle told Chelsea Handler: ''We were queuing and then Rihanna stormed past everyone. She was doing her make-up and we were like, 'Aww that's fine she's just jumped the queue because she's doing her make-up.'

''And then she walked into one of the toilets.''

However the 32-year-old actress - who admitted to being ''star struck'' by all the celebrities at the event - didn't appear to be too annoyed about the incident as she then shrugged ''she's Rihanna, so...''

Michelle is currently starring alongside Liam Neeson in new action-thriller 'Non Stop' and she loved having the opportunity to work with the 'Taken' star, although she was slightly intimidated by his size.

She said: ''It was amazing to work with him. And you know, he's such a nice guy. But he is, he's huge.''