R+B star Rihanna is determined never to date another celebrity - because it would be much easier to find love with someone who isn't famous.
The Umbrella hitmaker - who has previously been linked to actor Josh Hartnett and, more recently, fellow singer Chris Brown - insists it would be too hard to date someone else in the entertainment industry as their hectic schedules would keep them apart for too long.
She says, "If I was dating someone who wasn't in this industry they would be in the same place, all the time, so I could go back to that place and know where they were.
"If they did what I do we'd both be travelling at the same time and we would never see each other."
And the Bajan beauty has encouraged any potential suitors to be more forward when they approach her.
She adds, "I've met a few bold ones (men)! Then there are those who are intimidated by the whole idea of it. I'm never one to seek a guy out."