Rihanna sends sexy pictures of herself to Chris Brown from the studio.

The pair are back together - after initially splitting in 2009 when he beat her - and Rihanna reportedly can't stop contacting Chris, interrupting a late night studio session in the early hours of this morning (19.10.12) to send him steamy photos.

A source close to Rihanna told Hollywoodlife.com: ''She took a break between laying down some vocals and hit Chris up for about 30 minutes.

''She went in a booth and talked to him and was taking pics of herself on her Instagram and sending them to him.

''She was in the booth just laid back on the chaise and chatting him up. She was smiling and s**t and had this warm glow on her face. Whatever he was saying to her made her feel like a queen.''

The friend added Rihanna has been much calmer and focused since getting back with the 'Look at Me Now' singer.

They said: ''I know it's a lot damn easier for her to concentrate and work hard now that Chris is back in her life.

''She doesn't worry about the bull***t no more. She doesn't wonder about what he's doing or who he's with. It's like she feels more secure and confident when he's in her life.''

Rihanna is believed to be putting the finishing touches to her latest album, 'Unapologetic'.