Rihanna marked the first anniversary of her grandmother's death by publishing a touching tribute letter over the weekend (29-30Jun13).

The singer was left devastated last summer (12) when her beloved grandma Clara 'Dolly' Braithwaite lost her battle with cancer, and she subsequently pulled out of performing at a Spanish music festival as she struggled to cope with the loss.

One year later, Rihanna has written an emotional letter to Braithwaite and posted it on her Instagram.com page for fans to read.

She writes, "Today marks one year since you crossed the bridge! Still you never left... I can still remember your laugh, and I miss it, I miss the sound of your voice, your beautiful hands, the way you danced and got so happy when you heard music, I miss doing your make-up and taking your pictures, I miss the way you looked right at me, and I miss looking back at you, that proud look on your face!"

Rihanna also shared a photo of herself with Braithwaite and added, "Never did I think it could be this soon, but I'm happy you're in Heaven, laughing and dancing with the Angels! Dolly you are my precious Angel, I love you beyond what words can describe! I just miss you Gran Gran!"

In December (12), the kind-hearted pop star donated $1.8 million (£1.2 million) to the radiotherapy department of a hospital in her native Barbados in memory of her late grandmother.