That Rihanna, such a controversial one. If she's not getting back together (allegedly) with her abusive ex-boyfriend she's being snapped coming out of Ashton Kutcher's apartment; if she's not cavorting naked around a field in Ireland she's visiting sex shops in Paris; if she's not . yes, well, you get the point don't you. Rihanna is basically enjoying being an anti-hero of sorts, fully aware of her position as a celebrity figurehead and equally sure that she doesn't want to carry it.
So talking of heads, how apt it is that her next stunt should be taking place on top of a rather large, balding one. It's been widely reported that Rihanna had a grand old time at the weekend's Coachella Festival in California, at which she was performing. She took time to hang out with good pal Katy Perry and managed to catch more than a few bands, however what's now got the press talking is a picture she posted of herself on Twitter with her legs around a man's head (on his shoulders, we hope,) and dealing with what looked to be a white substance on top of his bald pate.