Rihanna opened up to media giant Oprah Winfrey during a recent interview and shocked not just Oprah, but just about everyone watching, when she admitted that she grew "protective" of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown following his assault on the singer.
She told Oprah that the whole experience was a confusing one, and that although she was felt "angry and hurt and betrayed" by Brown's actions, she also felt protective over him because "he needed help and who's going to help him?" Brown left the 'Where Have You Been All My Life' singer visibly beaten, following an incident between the two the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards, where both Rihanna and Brown were due to play but were forced to pull out. Following a sentencing at a New York court, Brown charged with assault and sentenced to five years' probation, one year of domestic violence counselling, and community service. Brown was publicly vilified after the incident, with his career only just returning to the heights it was at prior to the assault, whilst Rihanna has seen her popularity skyrocket even further than before. Despite the state Brown left the Barbadian in, the two have been reconnecting as of late and the singer told the Queen of Chat that she still feels that when the two when their separate way, she lost her "best friend."
The access all areas interview between Oprah and Rihanna was part of the ongoing series Oprah's Next Chapter, that airs on the media-mogul's cable network. The show with Rihanna will be airing Sunday August 19th at 9pm (EST).