Singer Rihanna is adamant she's the ultimate guys' girl because she "thinks like a man" and loves hanging out at strip clubs.

The singer was warned at the start of her career she would lose fans unless she embraced her feminine side, but the We Found Love hitmaker insists she simply prefers the company of men.

She tells Britain's Elle magazine, "I said that one time and L.A. Reid (who signed Rihanna to Def Jam) said, 'You have to say you're a girls' girl because girls are your fans!' He was mad at me. But it's the truth. I'm a tomboy...

"I happen to think like a man, and do certain things guys like to do... I go to strip clubs - sometimes with men, sometimes on my own. Why? 'Cause I like the music they play there. It has a certain vibe and I watch the girls pole dancing. Even now I will go to, like, an industry event and all the ladies will be over here and all the guys over here and I will go to the guys' table and sit because I just feel I can have a much better conversation over there. And that's automatic, it's not prejudice."

And Rihanna, who is dating R&B star Chris Brown, insists growing up in a family of boys made her completely uninterested in the opposite sex, adding, "There was just me and one female cousin in this group of family and friends, so I went to school and I automatically had guy friends and when I came to this industry all my friends happened to be guys. When I was a teenager I wasn't (romantically) interested in guys at all 'cause I thought I was one of them! They didn't seem exciting to me, they were more like a pain in the a**."