Rihanna is wracked with nerves as she prepares for her first solo concert since her violent bust-up with Chris Brown in February (09).
The Umbrella singer is due to take to the stage at a secret location in London next Monday (16Nov09) to perform new songs from her upcoming album Rated R.
The gig will be streamed live online to fans across the world - and the thought of having so many people's eyes on her has left the Bajan beauty with mixed emotions.
She says, "It's a live stream worldwide, which means everyone can watch it at the same time all over the world, live, all at once, which is exciting.
"(But) it makes me nervous... because it's not just the 6,000 people in the venue, but it's millions of people across the world watching it all at once.
"It's exciting though; it's a big thing that everyone can see it. There's no better way to launch an album."
But Rihanna is hoping she will feed off the energy of being in London - because the city provided a lot of inspiration to her as she recorded Rated R there earlier this year (09).
She adds, "London is one of my favourite cities to go to in the world, it’s where I get most of my creative energy.
"We made a lot of the album in London actually, we took two big trips up there and spent some time each trip just figuring out the album. The first trip is when we really figured out what we wanted to do sound wise and lyrically, the second time we came back with some hits so I hold a very special place in my heart for London and this album, so it was only right that we had the launch party for the album there."
On Sunday (08Nov09), Rihanna made her first live appearance since her explosive U.S. TV interview about the February (09) incident with Brown when she joined mentor Jay-Z on stage in Los Angeles.
The star opened up about being beaten up by Brown for the first time to newswoman Diane Sawyer in an interview which aired on Friday night (06Nov09).
Rihanna was previously due to make her solo stage return in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in May (09), but scrapped the show citing "bad timing".