Rihanna misses her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and still listens to his music on the radio, nine months after the fight which ended their relationship.
Brown was sentenced to five years' probation in August (09) and ordered to stay away from Rihanna after attacking her during an argument over a mysterious text message back in February (09).
During her appearance on U.S. news show 20/20 earlier this month (Nov09), Rihanna insisted she regretted initially reconciling with Brown after the bust up - but in a new radio interview she reveals she still pines for him.
When asked on Atlanta, Georgia radio programme The Bert Show if she misses her ex, Rihanna replied, "Sometimes. Actually yes. There are a lot of reminders. There are a lot of places that we went to together and music - songs we liked together, and his songs."
And she still listens to her ex's music: "When it comes on on the radio, I don't turn it off. I just listen. I like his music."