Rihanna "lazes around" in front of the TV on her days off.

The 'Rude Boy' hitmaker admits when she has time off from her busy schedule she likes nothing more than to chill out at home and catch up on her favourite shows.

She said: "When I have a day off, I usually just laze around for as long as possible. I watch TV in bed, blast music out really loudly, or maybe go shopping.

"But recently when I've had time off, I haven't been shopping at all. I've just stayed at home watching TV."

Rihanna has also revealed she misses the sun-drenched weather of Barbados, where she was born, as she feels happier when the weather is good.

She added to Top Of The Pops magazine: "I really miss being away from home. What I miss most is my family, the food, some of the music and definitely the weather - sunshine makes me happy!

"Barbados has a different culture and I miss being part of it, having it as my everyday life. Being a singer is what I've always dreamt of doing, so I'll never regret that, but I definitely miss home - a lot."