Rihanna loves Victoria Beckham's "feminine" fashion line.

The former Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer's upmarket label has become a huge hit with A-list stars - with the likes of Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Scherzinger spotted in her designs - and now Rihanna has joined the fan club, saying she's very impressed with Victoria's creations.

The 'S&M' singer told Now magazine: "I love Victoria's line, it's so feminine and chic. Really sexy, really, really tailored. That's what she is. She has put a lot of effort into it."

As well as winning praise from her fellow celebrities, Victoria's co-worker on her handbag line, Katie Hillier, admitted the 36-year-old star is "inspiring" to work with.

The accessories designer said: "Collaborating in her Battersea office is like working with your best friend. She's focused and inspiring."

Katie - who started work at Luella and is behind Marc by Marc Jacobs' accessories - had previously insisted Victoria is involved in every process of the handbags and is always giving useful and practical advice.

She said: "She designs the bags. At the start of the season, Victoria gives me a huge folder full of all the stuff she's seen that she likes, and we work through it together. Often I'll come back with an idea and she'll say no - she's particularly picky about fabrics, which is unusual. Lots of people I've worked with are like, 'It looks good - great!', but Victoria will lick her finger and wipe it on the cloth and be like 'Uh-oh, I can see what's going to happen to that in The Rain! '"