Rihanna has a bee problem at her new home in Pacific Palisades, California.

The sexy star admits she's terrified of the super pests who bathe in and drink from her pool - and she can't kill them.

She tells Complex magazine, "They bug the hell out of me... They come and take baths, splashing and swimming. When they're done they get to the edge, hop out, dry off, and just fly away.

"I try to drown them because I'm freaked out by bees but they don't die."

Rihanna moved into the new place last year (12) after her former California dream home became a nightmare of repairs.

She tells the new issue of Rolling Stone, "It was just too many problems. It had leaks. It got a lot of mold. Literally every two weeks there was something else coming up. I got so many clear signs that I was supposed to get it off my hands... I didn't want to. I loved it. I put a lot of thought into it and the design of it; I made it mine.

"But finally it got to the point where it wasn't liveable at all (sic), and I needed to sell it."