Critics are already weighing in on Rihanna 's sixth studio album Talk That Talk - and it's a mixed bag. Although the Barbadian beauty is being praised for her return to upbeat pop, following the darker themes of 2010 record 'Loud', the album incorporates a variety of genres including trance, house and dubstep that has left some critics confused.
Writing in the Los Angeles Times, Randall Roberts said of the album, "For all the innuendo and introspection, "Talk That Talk" contains little sweat, slobber or fluids and a lot of plasticized, inflatable insinuation". The lead single 'We Found Love', featuring Calvin Harris, has already proved to be a commercial success and has been embraced as a dance floor favorite. The NME were less than complimentary of the album though, saying, "Her usually perfect hit-rate of sonic surprises is disappointingly low due, one suspects, to half the album having been monopolised by chart-botherers Dr Luke and Stargate". Rihanna's last album 'Loud' spawned numerous hit singles, including 'S&M' and 'California King Bed', but the New York Times suggest Talk That Talk comes armed with potential hits too, saying, "The best songs on this lively and often great album sound synth-perfect for that time. "We Found Love" almost criminally recalls the swinging Crystal Waters singles, with triumphant percussion somewhere between church and seventh-inning stretch".
The album's release comes after the video for We Found Love was banned from being played before 10pm in France, with the Supreme Audiovisual Council condemning its themes of drug use, sex, and domestic violence.