Rihanna seems unconcerned of her recent video's banning in France; indeed the 23 year-old star seems to be welcoming all the attention to what's amounted to her raunchiest album to date in 'Talk That Talk', celebrating its success with another lewd photo shoot that sees hands groping various parts of the performer's body.
French officials pushed the promotional video for the star's 'We Found Love' to after the 10pm watershed, citing "self-destructive" behaviour as well as appearing in scenes of "pronounced suggestive" content. The video contains scenes of the star smoking, being spanked and finding herself in a number of intimate scenarios with model Dudley O'Shaughnessy; it's no surprise perhaps that the video has been banned considering the making of it a couple of months ago saw the star constantly in the media for several acts of outlandish behaviour including going topless on set in Northern Ireland.
Being a role model seems something that doesn't concern RiRi however, as these latest pictures show she's far more comfortable being a sex symbol. The notoriety of her latest video doesn't seem to be doing the singer any harm either, the Daily Mail reports that 'Talk That Talk' has gone to number one on the iTunes charts in 20 different countries.