Rihanna apologized to her late grandmother for drinking beer on the day of her funeral.

The 24-year-old performer shared her feelings yesterday (10.07.12) with her followers on twitter.

She posted an image of herself make-up free and holding what appeared to be a bottle of beer.

The caption which accompanied the picture read: ''I had to!!! Sorry granny.''

Rihanna showed how exhausted she was in the picture and made no effort to conceal her tired eyes as she sat in what appeared to be a hotel, wearing a white vest.

The somber occasion was the second funeral of her grandparent and took place in Barbados, Caribbean.

She wore and all-black outfit and emerged from a chauffeur-driven limousine with her head bowed to the ground.

Rihanna initially attended Clara ''Dolly'' Braithwaite's first funeral in New York, then flew to London for the Barclaycard Wireless Festival before going to her home country for the traditional follow-up funeral.

The 'Where Have Have You Been' singer has been devastated since lost her cancer battle.

She cancelled a performance at Spain's Rock In Rio festival.

She had also been criticized for miming and appearing drunk on stage in Sweden shortly after Dolly's passing.