Rihanna ordered so much food from a Portuguese restaurant that they had to close it.

The 24-year-old singer performed at the Barclaycard Wireless Festival in London, England at the weekend and requested a delivery from a local Nando's eatery.

A backstage worker said: ''Rihanna ordered every item from the restaurant and asked for it to be delivered to her private backstage area.

The rumor backstage was that her massive order cost around £7,000.

The source told the Daily Star newspaper: ''The restaurant had to shut their doors for the remainder of the day as they had no stock left.

''Everyone was laughing, saying that only Rihanna could clear out Nando's.''

The star also apparently spent a small Fortune on her entourage and security for her appearance, which consisted of at least 90 people.

The insider continued: ''It was mad seeing so many people crowding around one person.

''She had five large dressing rooms for her to relax before and after her set. She also had her own bathroom, so she didn't have to use the same toilet as anyone else.''