Chart-topping star Rihanna has been applauded for more than her music after a new survey claimed she had the world's 'sexiest stomach'.

The Barbadian, who held the UK number one spot for ten weeks in 2007, has the best stomach in the celebrity world, according to a poll carried out by pre and probiotic mix AntiBloat.

Rihanna, 20, took the top spot from British actress Keira Knightley disproving a recent quote from the Atonement star, who told Glamour: "I've only ever caught the worst things written about me. I've never seen anything good."

While young stars such as Rihanna and Knightley, 23, were unsurprising entries in the top three after 2,491 adults were surveyed, the third place went to 63-year-old Dame Helen Mirren.The actress, an Oscar-winner for her role as Elizabeth II in The Queen, recently hit the headlines after being photographed in a red bikini while holidaying.

Other British women to feature in the poll included Elizabeth Hurley and Knightley's co-star in The Edge of Love, Sienna Miller.

The top five 'sexiest stomachs' are:

Keira Knightley
Helen Mirren
Liz Hurley /Sienna Miller
Jemima Khan

07/08/2008 00:02:01