Rihanna is urging fans to help her favourite charity win a $250,000 (£156,250) grant.
The Umbrella hitmaker is a long time supporter of cancer organisation DKMS Americas and she wants to win them a cash prize.
The charity is just one of many competing for a grant from the Pepsi Refresh Everything initiative - and Rihanna is determined to win the money on behalf of the organisation.
A post on the charity's site reads, "Rihanna is deeply involved with DKMS, partnering with them through her own foundation, the Believe Foundation.
"The DKMS mission is to save lives by recruiting bone marrow donors for leukaemia patients. DKMS is the largest bone marrow donor center in the world with over two million registered donors.
"Rihanna and DKMS are now teaming up on a registration drive that will recruit nearly 4,000 new bone marrow donors."