Rihanna will play seven gigs across seven countries during her '777' world tour.

The 'Diamonds' hitmaker has invited a group of fans and members of the press to join her for a ''rock 'n' roll adventure'' aboard her tour bus to promote her seventh studio album, 'Unapologetic'.

Rihanna explained: ''I am so excited about the '777' tour. We are turning this jumbo jet into our tour bus. We are practically living on this thing for a week: sleeping, partying all together. Me, my fans, the press... it's going to be a wild ride.''

''I wanted it to be a rock 'n' roll adventure, and I think when it's over it will be the coolest thing I've ever done. I'm that excited about it.''

The provocative star - who insists she is just ''friends'' with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown - will be visiting the capital cities of France, Germany, Sweden, the USA, Mexico, Canada and the UK and taking a lucky group of fans and 150 journalists representing 82 countries along for the ride.

However, the 24-year-old singer has yet to reveal the exact venues - despite the top secret tour kicking off tomorrow (14.11.12).

She tweeted: ''This is really going down huh?!! This was once a random idea thrown out in a brainstorm...coincidentally, on a plane!! Whoever is getting on my flying tour bus with us, Good Luck!!! (sic)''

Rihanna's new album will be released on November 19.

The dates for Rihanna's '777' tour are:

November 14 - Mexico City, Mexico

November 15 - Toronto, Canada

November 16 - Stockholm, Sweden

November 17 - Paris, France

November 18 - Berlin, Germany

November 19 - London, UK

November 20 - New York, USA