Rihanna and Chris Brown's collaboration on the remix of the former's new single 'Birthday Cake' has caused ructions around the world, with many fearing the consequences of the two worldwide known figures getting back together following the horrific assault that Brown inflicted on his then-girlfriend three years ago. Various experts however have commented on the situation and admitted that the case of RiRi going back to Brown isn't an uncommon one.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, ELLYN LOY from the House Of Ruth - one of the US' biggest domestic violence help services - commented "I don't think it's unusual that a couple would get back together after a period of time. Statistics show generally that half of women leave and half go back a number of times before they make a final decision about the relationship."

RITA SMITH, of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, rose questions about Brown's apparent lack of remorse, notably his recent Tweets which have taken on a completely unjustifiable me against the world stance. "The response was fairly belligerent and didn't really indicate that he had changed much in the several years since the assault," Smith said.

Both agreed that the only positive that would arise from them getting back together as a couple would be the discussions around it and raising the awareness of domestic violence as an issue. "Sometimes what it does is raise the consciousness around the issue. My hope would be that there's a lot of schools and teen groups talking about what do you think this means . I think that's always a good thing," said Loy. Brown is still midway through a five year probation period for assaulting Rihanna before the Grammys in 2009.