Are Rihanna and Chris Brown forging ahead with their apparent reconciliation? Some eagle-eyed onlookers have been reading between the lines of the pair's Twitter feeds and surmising that yes, they most certainly are. It seems as though both Chris and Rihanna are currently sunning themselves in St. Tropez and of course, it would be rude of them not to hook up with each other if they just happened to find themselves in the same part of the South of France, at the same time, now, wouldn't it?
Of course, not everybody thinks that Rihanna should be entertaining the thought of reconciling with her former lover, after he was convicted of assaulting her back in 2009. But many have interpreted her cryptic tweet yesterday, which read "Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit" as a response to Chris's own message to say that he was flying out to St. Tropez, where we already know that Rihanna had been hanging out on a yacht with Magic Johnson. Chris had hopped into a helicopter with his rapper pal Ludacris, saying "This ni**a Luda flying the damn helicopter! I'm shi**ing bricks right now" followed by "Landed on the boat!" Ludacris had already posted on his own Twitter feed to announce his plans to go to St. Tropez.
The former couple were spotted sharing champagne in New York not long ago and rumors of them patching up their relationship have been circulating for months. Many people think that Rihanna should steer well clear of the man that once assaulted her. Others seem to think they make a good couple. So far though, neither of them have spoken publicly about their relationship and whether or not it's on or off.