Rihanna and Chris Brown appear to have settled their differences. Yesterday, both artists posted links on their Twitter feeds that revealed they have both appeared on remixes of each other's tracks. Chris Brown is currently still on probation after he assaulted Rihanna in 2009. She was his girlfriend at the time.
BBC News reported today (February 21, 2012) that Chris Brown appears on a remix of Rihanna'S track 'Birthday Cake' and Rihanna makes an appearance on a new version of his track 'Turn Up The Music.' The tracks were released yesterday, on Rihanna's 24th birthday. The release of the tracks seems to be a major step in Rihanna and Chris Brown's public reconciliation. Last year. Rihanna did not object to Chris Brown's restraining order being lifted. Chris Brown was sentenced to five years' probation for his attack on Rihanna, which left her with a bruised and swollen face. He was ordered by a judge to attend anger management and domestic violence counselling, as part of his probationary terms.
Both Chris Brown and Rihanna performed at the 2012 Grammy Awards, 2012, after being forced to cancel their appearances in 2009 as a result of the physical assault. Rihanna performed onstage with Coldplay at the awards ceremony. Chris Brown won the Best R&B Album for his album F.A.M.E. Tonight, Rihanna will perform at the BRIT Awards. On her Twitter page yesterday, it seemed that her preparations for the performance were going well as she posted a message saying "Brit rehearsal went smoove! Next stop, set up studio in a hotel room! I'll be turning 24 making mu$ic!!!"