Los Angeles police are reportedly investigating the possibility of a history of heated rows between Rihanna and Chris Brown in the wake of the R&B star's alleged attack on his girlfriend at the weekend.
The probe comes as it was revealed by police sources that the Umbrella hitmaker was forced to wear an eye patch last year (08), after suffering an alleged scratched cornea.
Brown was arrested on Sunday (08Feb09) and charged with making criminal threats after a heated exchange in Los Angeles that morning, hours before he and Rihanna were due to attend the Grammy Awards.
Reports later suggested the woman involved was his girlfriend, who was allegedly hospitalised after the fight - although no official confirmation as to the female's identity is yet to be declared.
And now officials are set to look into whether Brown caused the star's previous cornea injury, reports Britain's The Sun newspaper.
A police source tells the publication, Were investigating if her eye injury could have been caused by Brown.
There could be an innocent explanation - but police believe Rihanna has previously refused to make a complaint against Brown. She is now being asked about her past injuries and is beginning to open up about incidents in their relationship.
The tabloid alleges that the 20-year-old was reluctant to file a police complaint after the weekend's incident - but was persuaded to by her mum Monica.
And cops are now reportedly talking to those close to Rihanna about an alleged history of injuries.
The source contines, Were talking to her friends and management, who say shes appeared with mysterious marks or injuries before, but always refused to explain what happened.
There was one instance when she suddenly appeared with an eye patch, saying her cornea had been scratched.