Rihanna struggles to keep her name out of the news, however this time it looks as though she might be benefitting from a little retribution, courtesy of the cops accused of leaking the much discussed pictures of the star following her attack by ex-lover Chris Brown.
The officers are set to appear before the Lapd's disciplinary panels in August and although they may be set to lose their jobs, the officers suspected in the leak will not face criminal charges. After three years and much forensic work, the Lapd have had to play down their belief that entertainment website Tmz paid either of the two officers for the pictures, although payment to the officers has not yet been ruled out. A spokesperson for Los Angeles district attorney said investigators could not rule out that payments to the officers were funnelled through others, but investigators were limited in how far afield they could search through federal law.
Singer Chris Brown was arrested on suspicion of beating Rihanna on February 8th 2009, in one of the most publicised events in recent memory. The high-profile investigation involved two of the industry's biggest young talents on the eve of the Grammy Awards, causing Brown to pull out of his scheduled performance on the night.