Rihanna has cancelled her trip to the UK but everybody in the Rude Boy singers camp are keeping quiet as to why that might be. We do already know that the 24 year old has been hospitalised with exhaustion more than once in recent months - posting pictures of herself with an IV in her arm whilst she recovers. The Mirror have published recent photographs of Rhi-Rhi looking more than a little tired and stocking up with caffeine in a coffee shop. Everybody's lips are sealed in Rihanna-land, though.
Rihanna originally had a 10 week UK trip planned but it seems as though the whole thing has been cancelled. She was originally scheduled to fly into the UK yesterday, but that never happened and the Mirror's 3am gossip column caught wind of the news that she had cancelled her appearance on Graham Norton's chat show. Next month, she was also supposed to be performing at the Wireless Festival but that's off the cards as well. The photos of her looking visibly fatigued at the coffee house were only taken last Monday, suggesting that a period of rest may be on the cards for the girl who loves to party.
Rhi-Rhi will be missing out on a chance to hook up with her pal Katy Perry, too. Katy's reported to be in London visiting her on-off fella Robert Ackroyd. The usually tweet happy Rihanna has also stayed quiet on Twitter, only posting a rather cryptic message saying "Keep your eyes on the finish line and not on the turmoil around you thinkahead" which may or may not be a reference to the cancelled trip.