Rihanna and Chris Brown could present an award together at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6, 2012, according to sources close to both artists who spoke with Hollywood Life.com. Both stars are interested in appearing on the same stage, which would no doubt raise a few eyebrows amongst Rihanna's fans.
However, it wouldn't be a huge surprise given the pair have worked together on a remix of Rihanna's song 'Birthday Cake', and have reportedly been seeing each other socially for the past couple of months. With both stars nominated for awards at this year's show, they'll both be at the event, and insiders say there's a strong chance that they'll play a larger role in proceedings. A source close to Rihanna confirmed she would be more than willing to stand on stage next to Chris, saying, "That's obvious. Hell yeah, she would. [There isn't anything] she wouldn't do for that [him]. She'd do just about anything for him. One of Brown's pals agreed, saying, "Why wouldn't he? It would be the first time in a long.time that he would be on stage with his boo".
Only time will tell whether Rihanna and Chris Brown will appear on stage together, though fans don't have long to wait. The show airs live on Thursday September 6, 2012.