Rapper LIL' KIM can understand why her "little sister" Rihanna went back to the boyfriend who allegedly beat her up - because she has also stuck by an abusive ex.
But Kim insists she doesn't know enough about her young friend's fight with Chris Brown to pass judgement - and she urges others to hold back until they have all the facts.
And, even if reports Rihanna was beaten black and blue are true, Lil' Kim insists she can't blame Rihanna for going back to Brown - because she has suffered broken noses at the hands of one unnamed violent ex - and she stayed with him.
She explains, "In the beginning, yes I did go back... (but) I learned that if it's continued abusive, you just can't stay there.
"When guys are young, they make mistakes. Nobody's perfect, but, if they do it more than once, then it's definitely a habit."
Kim admits she has yet to speak to her friend Rihanna about what happened during her altercation with Brown: "I don't condone it, but we weren't there. I can't judge the situation."