Rihanna has won her battle with exhaustion after completing work on a new album as she tours.
The R&B star was forced to cancel shows in Sweden at the end of last month (Oct11) after falling ill when the pressures of late-night studio sessions and concerts took their toll on her health.
She says, "I'm just doing a lot, touring and trying to finish a record all at the same time. (There were) all these deadlines... and my immune system kinda got a little weak and I got sick.
"I'm a lot better now. The album's done, so I get to sleep at night instead of (going to the) studio. That helps a lot."
But the Umbrella singer won't conclude her current Loud tour until 23 December (11).
She says, "I don't see America officially until next year (12)... I will be on tour until the day before Christmas Eve."
And she already knows what she wants for Christmas: "I'm thinking about sleep with a big bow on it."