The first weekend of the Coachella Festival closed with a bang last night (April 15,2012), an event that saw everyone from Rihanna to Radiohead, AT THE DRIVE-IN to Florence and the Machine performing, however, perhaps the biggest star appearing was a man who isn't even alive anymore. Tupac Shakur was shot dead in 1996 and yet there he was, closing the festival with Snoop Dogg as part of his and Dr Dre's headlining set, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
However, conspiracy theorists who claim that the rapper never went away should probably stop their celebrations; his appearance was achieved thanks to a super life-like hologram that even saw him call out to the Coachella crowd, before "performing" a song solo and then joining Snoop on 'Come With Me,' 'Hail Mary' and 'Gangsta Party.' The hologram was wearing Tupac's trademark cross necklace and light coloured trousers he wore circa 1995; but for the fact he glided across stage the real-life likeness was uncanny - just as well with the whole concept thought to have cost millions.
Living and breathing stars for Snoop and Dre's set included Eminem, as expected, whilst the likes of Tony Yayo, Warren G and Kurupt all appeared too. 50 Cent even popped up to perform his track 'Birthday.' It's set to happen all over again this weekend too, with Coachella returning to its Californian polo club setting to welcome another 75,000 people along for the ride.