Rihanna was all set for a lovely holiday, with some of it being allegedly spent with former boyfriend-cum- assaulter Chris Brown, as she partied on the yachts of St. Tropez in the south of France before setting off on a cruise around the Mediterranean. Lovely, ey? Well not so lovely apparently as it turns out the pop princess has broken a bone! Uh oh! How did she do it? Knowing RiRi it was undoubtedly doing something wild, surely? Well, erm, apparently not. Turns out the 23 year-old was serving her pals drinks whilst on the cruise when she dropped something and broke her toe. Ooof, none of those sassy dance moves for a bit then.
Taking to Twitter, she informed her fans of this little mishap, writing "Bartending last night, dropped a bottle, broke it, my foot is still bleeding!!!" though her assistant Jennifer Rosales saw the funny side of it - well, of course she would - by posting an Instagram picture of the injury and writing "It is not a vacation until someone breaks a toe!"
Rihanna was likely having a better time back when the cruise was moored at St Tropez, with 22 year-old rapper Chris Brown also rumored to be in the vicinity, fuelling specualtion that the pair were going to spend some time together.