Rihanna 's 'Birthday Cake' was set to "shock us", it was claimed, and though the actual track itself has been reviewed as fairly standard R&B fare, the remix has gone and done just that. In news that many people were apprehensively anticipating, a re-work of RiRi's forthcoming single features her former abusive boyfriend Chris Brown on verse duties - and the NME reports that in keeping with the 22 year-old's apparent lack of humility over the well-documented events of three years ago, he doesn't exactly do much to quell the dissenters by opening with the lyric "Girl, I wanna f**k you right now, been a long time I've been missing your body."

Brown is still on probation for the events of 2009 which saw him repeatedly assault then-girlfriend Rihanna after an argument between the couple. The police report subsequently released made for grisly reading with Brown repeatedly punching Rihanna in an incident that went on for over half an hour. Brown is now midway through his probation, and was denied the chance to finish it early this month; he also attended an anger management course as part of his punishment.

Brown also took to Twitter recently to wish his former girlfriend a happy birthday, tweeting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!" Now with this release, it's set to leave critics utterly confused, with the very clear wrongdoing by Brown offset by the fact that RiRi seems completely ready to pretend nothing ever happened.