Bastille want to collaborate with Rihanna.

The Grammy nominees - Dan Smith, Chris Wood, William Farquarson and Kyle Simmons - admitted they're keen to work with the chart-topping star because of her great looks and incredible stage presence.

William confessed: ''I'd like to collaborate with Rihanna for two reasons. The first reason is because she's spectacularly beautiful and the second reason, I'm a firm believer that she's really good. I saw her live during a festival once and she was spectacular. She looks wicked, she dances and she sounds wicked.''

Explaining his love for the 'FourFiveSeconds' hitmaker, the 31-year-old musician said it would be difficult to dislike her because she's released so many popular singles during her career, but finds it strange it is not ''credible'' for rockers like themselves to like her.

He told ''She's brought out hit after hit for the past ten years. People forget that about her. She looks wonderful and it may not be the cool answer or credible, but I like her.''

Meanwhile, the 'Pompeii' hitmakers - who are currently working on their second studio album - took the opportunity to hit back at their critics who have previously said they are too ''posh'' to make music of value

Responding to the accusations, he said: ''I love that. It's interesting to see that that's what people see of it. It's unfair to attack someone because they're posh. We're just making music. I guess, if we went to public school and wrote songs about the struggle of growing up on a council estate then it would become hypocritical and people would comment on that too. We're just singing songs about stuff that are interesting to us. I don't think our social background should come in to it.''