Sir Ridley Scott has revealed a perfect script is needed before production can begin on his upcoming Robin Hood film.

Nottingham, the revisionist story of the outlaw had been due to begin filming in mid-August but now may be delayed until spring 2009, it was reported in July.

And speaking at the UK premiere of his new CIA thriller Body of Lies, the Oscar-winning director confirmed that script concerns were at the heart of the film's postponement.

"We had a bad start and didn't quite get what we wanted," he told

"It's the same writer we're going with, we're just still working on it."

The director revealed in February that the film is to be shown from the sheriff's (Russell Crowe) point of view, returning to England as the late King Richard's right-hand man "to carry forward Richard's dream about England".

While Richard's brother, the unpopular new king John, arouses discontent through introducing taxation and arresting outlaws, the sheriff's attempt to instill order are threatened by the anarchical exploits of Robin Hood.

However, Sir Ridley hinted that his take on the legendary outlaw will take a daring approach towards the story.

"The Sheriff of Nottingham… this is really complex! He's Nottingham and he becomes Robin Hood," he commented as hundreds of fans lined the red carpet in London's West End.

"There have been 80 versions [of Robin Hood]," he continued "Some people say the Errol Flynn one with the green tights is interesting but it's more humourous to me.

"I don't think it's that difficult to make something pretty good out of it."

Body of Lies, which opens in the UK on November 21st, sees Leonardo Dicaprio as a US intelligence agent whose efforts to bring down a terrorist chief are hampered by his deceitful boss (Crowe), in an adaptation of David Ignatius' book.

Sir Ridley told reporters at the UK opening that the film "totally" represents the real CIA.

"David Ignatius has been a reporter in Washington for 30 years - as one of the most important foreign correspondents, who hasn't he talked to?" he asked "I think a lot of it's very accurate."

07/11/2008 13:07:00