Director SIR Ridley Scott is close to fulfilling his lifetime ambition - making a western.

The Gladiator movie-maker admits his parents questioned his mental condition when he was a young adult after he announced his plans to don a cowboy hat and work on a ranch.

Although he missed out on a career working the land, Scott has harboured dreams of shooting a western ever since - and his adapted script of CORMAC McCARTHY's book BLOOD MERIDIAN is on the brink of completion.

He tells British magazine EMPIRE, "I have got two drafts, so we are getting awfully close. I always have about three or four things on the go and right now they are all getting lift-off. If I am not making movies, I am developing them. Blood Meridian is one of them.

"My parents thought I was retarded when I was 18 because I was seriously thinking about leaving school and going to work on a ranch. I was that involved with being cowboy."

17/05/2005 17:21