Filmmaker Ridley Scott will never forget the first time he met Harrison Ford - because the actor arrived to discuss starring in movie Blade Runner dressed as his swashbuckling character INDIANA JONES. Scott was certain Ford would be perfect for his 1982 sci-fi epic, which the director is re-releasing as Blade Runner: The Final Cut in November (07), and arranged to meet him while he was filming Raiders Of The Lost Ark. He says, "One of the reasons I went for Harrison was the fact that I knew that Steven (Spielberg) and George (Lucas) were doing this thing called Raiders Of The Lost Ark. It smelled good to me. "I simply called up Harrison's agent and said, 'I want to meet Harrison as soon as possible.' Like two days later we met and he turned up with the stubble and the hat and the leather jacket on because he had been shooting. It was like 10 o'clock at night. "So my meeting for Blade Runner was with Indiana Jones."