Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe are to continue their working relationship with a Robin Hood film, the director has confirmed.

The pair have collaborated on five occasions, most recently on American Gangster, while Crowe's turn as Maximus in Scott's Oscar-winning Gladiator transformed his career.

Talking to Empire magazine after American Gangster missed out at the BAFTA awards, Ridley Scott said that he plans to begin shooting his film about the Nottinghamshire-based outlaw in the UK.

"I finished filming in December with Leonardo Dicaprio and Russell Crowe for Body Of Lies and I start Robin Hood here as soon as the writers and actors strikes get settled," he explained.

"I've already taken a walk in the woods and scouted out some locations."

He added: "We've got Russell Crowe lined up to play the lead - he can do a really good English accent."

Reports had suggested in October that Scott's film - likely to be entitled Nottingham - will take a revisionist view of the legend of Robin Hood, with the Sheriff of Nottingham as the hero.

Producer Brian Grazer - another long-time collaborator of Scott's - told MTV News at the time that Nottingham is "the Gladiator version of Robin Hood".

"I think it will have the same propulsion that Gladiator had - the same adrenaline hits," he added.

And Scott said the film is to be shown from the sheriff's point of view, returning to England as the late King Richard's right-hand man "to carry forward Richard's dream about England".

While Richard's brother, the unpopular new king John, arouses discontent through introducing taxation and arresting outlaws, the sheriff's attempt to instil order are threatened by the anarchical exploits of Robin Hood.

12/02/2008 15:33:14