The 'Prometheus' trailer was finally previewed this week and - as was to be expected - featured huge panoramic shots, plenty of awe-inspiring graphics and more than a hearty glimpse of the action that's set to unfold when the Ridley Scott-directed epic is finally released later this year.

As expected, there isn't a clear shot of any alien activity in the trailer, the odd tentacle hitting a window not withstanding, and most of the trailer is tailored towards the same sort of suspense and feeling of humanity tackling an unknown enemy that was used to such effect on the initial 'Alien' films before the bloodbaths began.

Among the channels showing the clip was the UK's Channel 4, which aired the trailer during 'Homeland;' in an innovative twist the broadcaster encouraged viewer feedback by offering the hashtag "areyouseeingthis" for Twitter-use and showing the thoughts of those that replied to it on the advert following the 'Prometheus' trailer. The ad campaign has been impressive, with IPTV news stating that Steve Plunkett of Media Management company Red Bee commented "The advertising brains behind Prometheus have been clever with this campaign. "This is the first time that viewers' tweets have been used during a broadcast advertisement - it certainly won't be the last. We will see a lot more innovation in this area going forward; complementary brands paying to access the audiences of high rating shows like Homeland through social media engagement rather than straight-forward brand placement."