Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic 'Prometheus' -a supposed prequel to the director's classic 1979 movie 'Alien' - is set for release on Friday (May 30, 2012). The film is easily one of the most anticipated of the year, though with the early reviews already in, has it lived up to expectations?
The movie boasts a stellar cast of Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace and the critics have lauded the individual performances. The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw said, "It is a muddled, intricate, spectacular film, but more or less in control of all its craziness and very watchable..There are also some shrewd and witty touches, and one terrifically creepy performance by Michael Fassbender". Todd MCCarthy of the Hollywood Reporter mused, "Ridley Scott's third venture into science-fiction, after Alien in 1979 and Blade Runner in 1982, won't become a genre benchmark like those classics despite its equivalent seriousness and ambition", adding, "But it does supply enough visual spectacle, tense action and sticky, slithery monster attacks to hit the spot with thrill-seeking audiences worldwide". Tim Robey of the Daily Telegraph continued the high praise, gushing, "It's something to gorge on hungrily all the same: majestic to look at in every way, and wild enough that many of the opening-night crowd - this viewer included - will be right back for seconds".
The movie hits theaters worldwide on June 8, 2012, and is likely to make a charge at next year's awards season. Whether it will cause as much of a stir as 'Alien', remains to be seen.