The 47-year-old has made his first foray into feature films with Morgan, a science-fiction thriller which stars Kate Mara as a corporate troubleshooter tasked with overseeing an experiment in creating a superhuman child.

While Ridley, 78, made his own commercial breakthrough with 1979 sci-fi film Alien, Luke says that if his dad had tried to give him advice on the set of Morgan he would have received a short, angry response.

"He didn't tell me what to do," he tells British newspaper The Times. "I would have told him to go f**k himself anyway. He has enough respect for me to know that I know what I'm doing."

However he does admit his dad helped him sign up Morgan's stellar cast, which includes Paul Giamatti, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, as well as Kate, who starred in Ridley's last film The Martian.

Luke admits his choice of career was inspired by seeing his father's work growing up. He even appeared in Alien at one point, because Ridley wanted to film scenes where cast members walked on the surface of a planet next to a spacecraft, but felt the set did not look large enough.

To compensate he got Luke, his brother Jake, also a filmmaker, and another boy to dress in child-sized spacesuits and stand in.

His proximity to filmmaking drove his passion and the work ethic of his father and his late uncle Tony Scott, who directed films including Top Gun and Days of Thunder before his death in 2012, strongly influenced him, Jake and their sister Jordan, to work hard at careers.

"Life (with his father) was all about work," he says. "My uncle Tony was the same: both very driven human beings. I guess a lot of this stuff rubbed off on all of us."