LATEST: KAISER CHIEFS singer Ricky Wilson caused panic amongst a Portuguese audience when he screamed "I'm dying" after injuring his leg in a botched stage stunt on Tuesday (16AUG05).

Wilson had torn the ligaments in his ankle when he landed awkwardly, but Portuguese fans were convinced he had suffered a heart attack and called the emergency services on their mobile phones.

One fan says, "It was terrifying. Ricky was lying on his back howling. He kept screaming, 'I'm dying. I'm dying. This is going to be my last ever gig. Help me!'

"Of course everyone in the audience was really worried about him and didn't realise he was joking. When the ambulance arrived, they were expecting to find a heart attack victim."

Wilson managed to complete his performance despite his stricken ankle, and was later taken to hospital where the affected area was put in plaster.