Kaiser Chiefs stayed in a ''shed'' in order bond before recording their latest album.

The 'Ruby' hitmakers confined themselves to a small barn in Bath, Somerset, to work out their differences and write new material, after drummer and co-songwriter Nick Hodgson quit the band in 2012.

Frontman Ricky Wilson claims the trip with remaining members - Andrew White, Simon Rix and Nick Baines - was make or break for the group.

He told The Times newspaper: ''First of all, it was more of a shed with a corrugated iron roof. Second, it was freezing. And it's all very well saying you're going to get together and write from the heart, but you try putting four northern blokes in a room and telling them to talk about their feelings. So we just started playing music.''

The band started bonding on a Monday and they thought it could be all be over in a day but ''by Friday there were grins on everyone's faces.''

Ricky, 36, admits he was initially angry with Nick, who was later replaced by drummer Vijay Mistry, for leaving the group to work on new projects, but insists his frustration resulted in great songs for the band and there is no animosity between them.

He said: ''We have been through some acrimonious moments. I was p****d off but that turned out to be good for writing. I certainly had a point to prove whether it was to him or myself.''

The singer, who is now a judge on talent show 'The Voice', is hoping the exposure will help to sell more copies of the band's latest album 'Education Education & War', which is released on March 31.

Ricky added: ''We spent a lot of time writing a record that we were really proud of and - let's not skirt around the issue - 'The Voice' is good for business.''