Country singer Ricky Skaggs was always amazed by blind folk icon Doc Watson after he managed to wire his entire house without the help of an electrician.
The seven-time Grammy winner died on Tuesday (29May12), aged 89, and Skaggs was among the first to pay tribute to his good pal, calling him an "old ancient warrior" who had "gone home".
Skaggs admits he has long admired Watson for mastering the banjo and guitar without the use of sight, but he will forever be in awe of the music veteran for one of his little-known skills as a handyman.
He tells CNN, "(Watson) wired his own house in North Carolina. When he built that house he and Rosa Lee, his wife, lived in for all these years, he wired his own house and the inspector came out and said it was perfect! And he was blind!"
But rather than mourn the loss of his friend, Skaggs believes he is resting peacefully, where he belongs - and he's convinced he saw a sign from above to inform him that Watson is in good hands.
He adds, "When I heard (about) his passing I saw a rainbow in the air so I think the Lord was really ready to see Doc."