Actor Ricky Schroder turned his new Tv movie into a family affair after hiring his 16-year-old daughter to portray his onscreen kid.

The former Silver Spoons star teamed up with his wife Andrea to pen the script for Our Wild Hearts, about a professional mustang wrangler who is reunited with his estranged child, and they didn't have to look far for their female lead - the Schroders cast their own girl, Cambrie, to make her acting debut alongside her dad.

Ricky says, "It was her first job, and she is in practically every scene. My advice was to lead by example: be prepared, know your lines, and show up with a perspective or point of view for each scene."

The teen wasn't the only member of the Schroder clan to feature in the upcoming Hallmark Channel project.

The 42 year old tells People magazine, "All my kids - Holden, Luke, Cambrie and Faith - appeared on-camera, and my wife, Andrea, co-wrote the movie."