Ricky Martin wants ''more babies''.

The 'Assassination of Gianni Versace' actor was already a father to nine-year-old twins Matteo and Valentino before he met husband Jwan Yosef - who he wed in January after almost two years together - and is now keen to expand their family further.

He said: ''[We were two kids and one dad] and then it became two daddies and two children. And we're only starting - we want a bigger family. We want more babies.''

The 46-year-old singer is blown away by how bright his children are and claimed that even at their young age, they are ''smarter'' than him.

He told OK! Magazine: ''The conversations I have with them nowadays are just incredible.

''The level of their intellect is so out there.

''I wasn't thinking that way when I was nine years old.

''The questions that they come up with, the conclusions they reach at such a young age - it's evolution. It's very noticeable, the difference between one generation to the other.

''They are smarter than me! It's incredible.

''One of my sons is a storyteller and he uses a very beautiful and elaborate vocabulary - in English - and the other one, Matteo, is almost a black belt in martial arts.

''I'm trying to expose them as much as I can to sports, to life, to the arts.''

The 'Livin' La Vida Loca' hitmaker left home to pursue his showbiz career when he was 12 years old, and though he'd support his boys in whatever they want to do, he's not sure how he'd feel about saying goodbye to them so early in life.

He said: ''I was only 12 and left my house when there was no WhatsApp and no cell phones.

''If I just think that my kids in two years would leave to go and live the rock 'n' roll life, I wouldn't know what to do.

''I would support them in any way they want - I want them to be happy - but I don't know how my parents did it.''