Ricky Martin likes "smart, witty" men.

The openly gay singer - who has two-year-old twin sons, Matteo and VALENTINO - is attracted to guys who have self-confidence without being arrogant and are open to new things.

He said: "I love witty. I love mental strength. Just being secure.

"With all the stuff I come with, you have to be someone who is sure of himself. That turns me on.

"Somebody who is very sure of themselves without being arrogant - smart, witty, has a career. Somebody who is very open-minded about things. That's what I love. Adventurous is the word."

Since he became a father, Ricky insists he is more wary about romance than he used to be because he has to think about the impact any relationship would have on his kids.

He added to Attitude magazine: "I used to fall in love quickly. When you are young you are open to taking risks and not afraid of anything.

"Now my priorities are different. I have children and they are the most important thing in my life. OK, I'm in a relationship and I know how lucky I am."