Ricky Martin says touring is less "stressful" now he takes his children on the road with him.

The singer says his two-year-old twin sons Matteo and VALENTINO help diffuse tension among his crew because they are so happy all the time.

He said: "I work with 115 people on the road and when I get to the venue, people are working and building the stage, and it can be stressful. They could be arguing and then my kids walk by and it all stops and it's, 'Hi Matteo. Hi Valentino. How are you doing?' You get 30 seconds of peace and love and joy - even if they go back to the craziness after." 

The 'Livin' La Vida Loca' hitmaker - who is openly homosexual - had the boys via a surrogate mother in August 2008 and he insists the process is a "beautiful" thing.

He added in an interview with the Metro newspaper: "Everything is perfect the way it is right now. One day, I woke up and thought, 'I need to become a father.' So I sat in front of the computer, looked up parenting and came across surrogacy - and it's beautiful. My children are a miracle. They're here because I really wanted them in my life. 

"They were wished for and came to me. People say it's not good travelling with them, they need stability. Daddy is their stability. Besides, at that age, what's normal? Everything's new."

Ricky, 39, recently revealed he is keen to add a daughter to his family after he stars in 'Evita' on New York's Broadway in 2012.

He said: "I'd like a daddy's girl. I'll be steady in New York, and then, after I do the play, the baby will be born and I'm going to be able to spend time with her."