Sherhan Rodriguez, who hit the road with the Musica + Alma + Sexo (M.A.S.) Tour in 2011, has been in an on-and-off relationship with Magdielle Bracoviche, who has worked with the Cuban-American rapper.

In November (15), Sherhan reportedly found questionable pictures and text messages on his girlfriend's phone, and when he confronted Magnielle about it, he allegedly became aggressive while he was a passenger in her car.

According to a police report obtained by People magazine, two witnesses claim they saw Sherhan slap Magdielle across the face numerous times, before striking her, with the impact of the latter so forceful that she almost crashed her vehicle.

When the couple arrived to the parking garage of Magdielle's apartment building, Sherhan reportedly got out of the vehicle, only to jump back in through the passenger-side window.

People magazine also obtained security footage of Sherhan appearing to chase after her car, but it's unclear what happens next as Magdielle drives off.

Attorneys for both sides acknowledge to the publication that the former couple became physical, however they disagree over who the aggressor was.

Sherhan's attorney Jose Baez, who has also represented late Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend Nick Gordon, notes that Magdielle also has a history of violence towards his client.

In another video from September (15) shown in court, Magdielle appeared to aggressively yell at Sherhan in an apartment. He later shows a red mark on his neck to the camera, but it is unclear whether she hit him.

In that police report, Magdielle allegedly "kept slapping Mr. Rodriguez on his head and face."

Last week (ends08May16), a Florida judge issued a restraining order against Sherhan. The case is set to go to trial later this year (16).