Latino hunk Ricky Martin has ditched celebrity manager Benny Medina, just a year after fellow Puerto Rican Jennifer Lopez dispensed of Medina's services.

Martin only signed with Medina in January (04) - but Medina was too busy with film and TV projects to handle the singer's career properly.

Both parties, however, insist the split was amicable.

Martin's PR KEN SUNSHINE tells gossip columnist LLOYD GROVE, "Officially, Ricky Martin and (Medina's company) Handprint Entertainment are no longer working together, and this has been done in a very amicable way."

Medina claims there isn't a total split - but concedes he was unable to cope with Martin's upcoming album release: "He needs somebody to navigate those waters for him. All I can say is there is absolutely no conflict involved.

"Opportunity is causing us to make this decision - things he wants to pursue and things I want to do, which are individual to us and different from the collective."

He added, "(Martin) is an amazing artist, and we are currently working on producing some projects together."

Industry insiders however claim there was more disharmony than the two men will admit - alleging Martin's album was ready when he signed Medina, and the manager was axed because he failed to deliver movie deals he had promised the singer.

05/11/2004 17:19